We are Exotic Accounts. We understand that you may not have a lot of time for a lengthy mail but if you read this till the end, you will be saving some money for yourself. As you may know, most Entertainment Industry professionals are self-employed. Unlike pay-as-you-earn employment agreements, Entertainment Industry professionals are liable to pay their own taxes, perform their own bookkeeping, VAT/GST registration and filing, and if applicable, year-end self assessments.

As Entertainment account specialists, we at Exotic Accounts understand that our clients work in an unconventional environment and are often fearful of getting things in working order, which very sadly holds them back from achieving the full potential a career in the Entertainment Industry could provide.

Many Entertainment Industry professionals (Especially those just starting out.) find themselves suffering penalties from taxes left unpaid or for late filing, or, in more extreme cases, a surprise bank account deduction by the tax office for back taxes or unpaid penalties.

Additionally, obtaining a mortgage or other traditional line of credit as an Entertainment Industry professional may become difficult if financial accounts are not in order. Banks and mortgage brokers will most likely ask for two years worth of financial statements and self-assessment filing to prove income earned. If not provided, an application may be denied. Let us give you the help you need in a non-judgmental environment.

Let us help you achieve your career potential.

We have experience in knowing what our clients can and cannot deduct, whether or not they should register for VAT/GST, what balance date may suit them best given how their cash flows, in addition to ensuring their accounts are in good working order.

We Provide:

  • Year End Accounts
  • GST Returns
  • Invoicing
  • Credit Control
  • Xero Conversion
  • Payroll
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Accounts Payable

Year end accounts

If you are a sole trader, we can complete your final accounts for the year. 

VAT/GST returns

If you are VAT registered, you can pass the stress and worries about  the GST deadlines over to Exotic Accounts - we will be happy to take care  of the calculation and filing of the return. 

Tax Return Filing

Are you already worried about tax return filing? The sooner you start getting ready the better - you don't want to miss out expenses because you didn't have time to find the receipts and then end up paying too much in tax. 

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If you are short of time, why not let Exotic Accounts prepare and send off your invoices? If you send us the details, we can ensure that the invoices are sent off to your clients as quick as possible. This will in turn mean that you will get paid quicker too and improve your cash flow. 

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